Harbor View
Duluth, MN

Harborview is a distressed public housing project in Duluth, MN. With HOPE VI funds, support of the public housing and local residents, City Officials, and a private developer, the site is being gradually transformed in small phases into a new mixed-income community. Through public charrettes a plan was developed that places the focus of the new community on a ball field, a central activity for many of the neighborhood’s families. The adjacent main street links local institutions including a high school, day care, small stores, and community center.  Streets and parks are oriented to take advantage of the great views of the site to Duluth’s magnificent harbor.  New homes include one, two, three, and four bedroom dwellings, a senior building, and small apartment buildings. A form-based code was prepared for the site and was adopted by the City of Duluth to guide the plan. As a Partner of Torti Gallas and Partners, Marc Wouters served as design lead for the master plan, new homes, and form-based code.