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Green Energy

The design process for each project includes a review of the potential for green energy sources, and high efficiency energy strategies.  The New Village of Benice in Prague will feature its own green energy powerplant.  The biomass power plant will be fueled by waste from the new community and regional agricultural waste. The plant will use supplement solar energy. The site also has potential for small scale wind energy.  Other new towns such WindMark Beach Village Center include centralized district heating and cooling in order to achieve great efficiency for multiple buildings. 

Protecting Ecology

The design process for each site includes review of existing natural systems including vegetation, the water cycle, geology, climate, and animals.  A complete understanding of how all these elements are interconnected is critical to successful sustainable planning. The studies allow new communities to be designed to preserve natural ecosystems to the highest extent. 

Sustainable Stormwater design includes biofilters and rain gardens that filter stormwater, allow it to recharge aquifers, protect watersheds, and maintain the delicate water ecology. New landscaping includes native plants that require minimal watering.

Low Carbon Emission Planning

Each project is designed to reduce auto dependency by including pedestrian-oriented master plans and transit-oriented development. According to the EIA, approximately 19% of total U.S Carbon Emissions come from transportation related activities. New community plans including Albemarle Square in Baltimore, MD, San Ramon City Center near San Francisco, CA, Henson Ridge in Anacostia, Washington, D.C., Columbia Town Center in, Maryland and others are planned in proximity to existing transit or with new transit centers in order reduce auto-related carbon emissions.