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Marc Wouters | Studios prepared the master plan for a new walkable mixed-use community along an existing bus transit route near Princeton, NJ. The Plan includes 1500 dwellings with a wide range of housing types including affordable housing, apartments, townhouses, attached homes, and single-family homes. The town center includes a grocery store, drug store, restaurants, small local shops, space for local office, and apartments. The Plan includes a network of walkable streets, public paths, and park system so that trips to grocery stores and area businesses are within walking and biking distance. 

The existing ecological system was analyzed for rainfall drainage patterns to ensure the new plan would be compatible with existing ecological systems. The Plan includes a network of Green Infrastructure systems including bio-filters and bio-parks that capture stormwater, filter pollutants, and gradually infiltrate water back into the aquifer. Each home is required to have connection facilities for rooftop solar. The project started construction in 2022.