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Watercolor Cottages,

Walton , FL

The architecture of this grouping of cottages recalls the traditional coastal architecture of Florida. Two story porches, metal roofs, long eaves, and louvered shade shutters are among some of the features these cottages share. 

As a partner for Cooper Robertson & Partners, Marc Wouters led the design of the architecture of the project. The homes share one common core plan or “chassis” that can be replicated at affordable costs. There are 6 options for the plan including a three bedroom of 1800sf, a four bedroom option, and a tower option of 2100 sf. There are also 10 facade options. 

The result is each home has a unique appearance that, like a custom home, mirrors the needs of the individual owner while at the same time incorporating mass production techniques which reduce in cost of construction. Homes are engineered to withstand hurricanes and incorporate sustainable materials.